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Two tips for those getting a manicure at a beauty salon for the first time

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If you'll be getting a professional manicure at a beauty salon for the first time, following these tips should ensure that you are delighted with the results of this beauty treatment.

Decide on the nail colour when you pop into the beauty salon to book the appointment

Even if the beauty salon offers its customers the option of booking their appointments by phone or via the salon's website, it is a good idea to go the salon and book your first manicure in person. The reason for this is that the salon's manicurist will have a selection of nail polish colours for their customers to pick from. If you have never seen the salon's nail colour selection before and you wait until you are at your appointment to decide which one you want, you will only have a few minutes to choose a colour before the manicurist has to start doing your nails.

If you rush into making this decision without having thought about it, you could pick a shade that either doesn't flatter your skin's undertones or that does not complement the colours of the clothes that you were planning to wear over the next few weeks. This could be particularly frustrating if you ask the manicurist to do an acrylic or gel nail treatment, as both of these can last for weeks longer than a manicure in which standard nail polish is used and can usually only be removed at a salon (meaning if you pick the wrong colour and need to get it removed, you would have to make a second visit to the salon).

By going to the salon to arrange the appointment in person, you will have a chance to look at their nail colour selection for as long as you need to in order to identify the ideal shade for your skin and any outfits you plan to wear over the next month or so.

Do not cut your nails or trim your cuticles before visiting the beauty salon

If your nails are long and misshapen and your cuticles are overgrown and scraggly, then you may feel that you should file or cut them before visiting the salon in case the manicurist is repelled by their appearance. In reality, this is not something that a manicurist would be deterred by, and the only thing you should do before having this treatment is to scrub your nails and nail beds to ensure that they are clean.

If you trim or file your nails yourself beforehand and do a bad job of it (for example, if you cut them too short or create jagged edges by filing each nail in multiple directions), it will be harder for the manicurist to file them into the shape you want (as there will be less nail material for them to work with). Similarly, cuticle trimming is a standard part of the manicuring process and is best done by a trained manicurist; if you try to tidy these parts of your nails beforehand and end up cutting off some of the skin around your nail bed, the manicurist might not be able to do any work on your cuticles because this could result in further irritation of the wounds you created.

To learn more, contact a beauty salon.