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3 Steps to Choose the Perfect Capes for Your Hair Salon

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Hairdressing capes, sometimes known as hairdressing gowns, are key to keeping your customers and their clothes tidy during a haircut, colouring, or style session. Of course, not all capes are made equally. Here's how to choose the best ones for your hair salon.

Choose the Shape

These days, hairdressing capes come in a wide variety of shapes, all with their own pros and cons. Some capes are made to cover the entire body with two slits for the hands to push through so customers can use their phone or enjoy a drink. These are often better at keeping customers clean and tidy than capes which have sleeves, as the sleeve holes are often large enough for snipped hair to get into. However, capes without sleeves usually require the hairdresser's help to put on, while those with sleeves are easy for customers to put on alone. If efficiency is key in your salon, a cape with sleeves might be your best bet. There are also capes which are shaped more like a kimono or gown; these are great for luxury hairdressing salons as the mimic the gowns found in high-end spas.

Choose the Closure

In order to keep the cape on your customer, it needs to have some kind of closure. You may be surprised at just how many closure options there are. Traditionally, one of the most popular options is a popper fastening—and for good reason. Poppers are easy to close and hold up well to wear and tear. And, if the poppers are on the front of a cape with sleeves, your customers should be able to fasten them without help. An even easier option is the hook-and-loop closure, but note that this wears down faster when washed. For a luxury spa feel, on the other hand, the ideal closure is a waist tie, again making the cape feel more like a gown than a way to keep loose hairs away.

Choose the Fabric

Above all else, the fabric your capes are made out of needs to be water-resistant to prevent any water or hair product spills from soaking through into your customers' clothes. On top of that, ideally, the fabric should be machine-washable and highly durable so you won't need to spend too much time on maintenance or too much money on replacements. Thankfully, there are several fabrics that fit the bill. For a lightweight and airy cape, opt for nylon trilobal fabric. If you prefer a cotton look, microfibre polyester can give you that without the drawbacks of real cotton. And, for those luxury salons, nothing beats heavyweight silk-effect fabric.

The hairdressing supplies you choose, including capes, are important.